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Latest news and announcements:

  • 05-07-2014: Raspberry Pi Model B has been replaced by a Banana Pi, featuring 2 cores CPU and 1GB of RAM.
  • 26-11-2012: After a few months of downtime, RealmDoriath is again up'n'running. This time, the project is hosted on a Raspberry Pi (Model B) with 512MB RAM. Also, the site has taken a lift up, making the design a little more interresting. However, the layout and the basic design has remained the same (and probably will for a very long time).
  • Some day in 2010: Host server is now running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Std. New domain hq.realm.gr has been introduce quit a long time ago and is meant to be the official one.
  • 15-11-2008: A few months now the server runs on Citrix XenServer Express Edition as a virtual machine. Streaming services are disabled for now, as a dedicated virtual macine will soon be up and running.
  • 08-11-2007: Minor changes and design improvements to the web site. Also, the ftp service from now on will not be available, as well as the Internet TCP connections to the MySQL and Postgres daemons. The reason is clearly the security issues.
  • 30-10-2006: The server has been upgraded from a K6-II 450MHz to a Duron 850Mz. Also, I added a system disk, a modem for fax service support and a case to host the new parts. This upgrade is expected to significally reduce the load of the system and improve its reliability.
  • 26-1-2005: Many things have changed. Most important changes are the addition of SMS messaging service, which is currently stricted to specific members, among some other heavy changes on the web pages content, like the links section. We also now have a complete tour of the server. Last but not least, from this day there are two domain names for RealmDoriath. doriath.zapto.org for the web service (http) and beleriand.zapto.org for all other services (such as ssh, ftp, etc).
  • 6-8-2004: Heavy development of web site is over. Only minor additions will be performed. Web site testing period started, though no services are offered yet.
  • 27-7-2004: Web site is under heavy development.
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