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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. What exactly is RealmDoriath and what purpose does it serves?
A. RealmDoriath actually is a server which offers some free services to its members (see 'services' section). Its purpose is to make these services available to the members through a simple and comprehensive way and, and above all totaly, free.

Q. Who is behind all this and why are you doing this?
A. Behind the whole project is just one person, finrod (fin), who likes Linux, web development, PHP and above all information technologies in general. It's something like a hobby, with the difference that more than one person receive benefit.

Q. Your page sucks and/or I don't give a damn sh*t for your "community" thing!
A. Simply press the "Back" button on your browser and never come back!

Q. Hey, I would like to have an account on your server and you said it's free. Give me access!
A. Not so fast. The server's resources are very limited and the cost is already high for me. So, only very few persons may enjoy an account here. And yes, it's free... but not public! At least, not wide open to anyone.

Q. Why "Realm Doriath" and not something more geek? And who's this lady dancing?
A. I really enjoy the J.R.R.Tolkien stories about Arda and Middle Earth. My nic (finrod) is inspired from there and all my computers have names from old kingdoms from Silmarilion. So, I decided to give this project a name from there, too. As, for the dancing lady, she is supposed to be Luthien, the most beautiful elf ever, daughter of Thingol and Melian, rulers of the Doriath Kingdom in Middle Earth.

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