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RealmDoriath, aka hq.realm.gr, is a free (but not public) Linux server. Its members are free to use its services and resources, including the internet connection bandwidth. The whole project is deeply inspired by sdf-eu.org .


The project begun in 2004, when I wanted to create and run a project that involves a linux server hosted at home. The idea was created after I became an arpa member at the sdf-eu.org . The same year I became one of the founders of FOSS NTUA Community that was formed after an open invitation to the academic community of National Technical University of Athens. The project itself was a proof of concept on what could be achieved using free software on a home computer. As the year 2004 was the one that ADSL was being spread in Athens, I became a proud DSL subscriber at Vivodi Telecoms on a 256/128Kbps (Upstream/Downstream) line. Through this line and the use of free software I managed to provide a few services for me and my friends, as well as people that I had only met through Internet. The services included Linux shell access, personal web site, MySQL, PHP, Forum, SMS messaging, even audio streaming for a small period.

From time to time the hardware has changed a lot. From 2010 to 2012 the project was running on an Intel Xeon computer as a virtual machine, among others, always at my home. Lately, as the trend becomes, I decided to run it on something completely different. So, I chose a Raspberry Pi (Model B) with 512MB RAM and an 8GB SD card as a system disk. From a Xeon to an ARM11. Maybe that trend is showing a completely new path for computing, as the big datacenters offload the end user devices. That trend I chose to follow. Until, as always... something new comes up!

A few years now, the free cloud services and the wide spread of fast Internet have dramatically reduced the need for the services of RealmDoriath. However, the project is still being kept alive. And it will be kept alive for as long as I can run it.

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